selfThe scary thing is that it’s been almost ten years now.

Ten years since I picked up my first digital camera and started seriously working with light, scenes and people to express the images that had been floating in my mind for what seemed like ages before. I might have become a painter if I could draw a straight line to save my life… but instead I chose to use real persons, real backgrounds, real settings to bring onto paper and screen what I envision.

Along the way I also expanded on my passion for aviation and made a career writing and illustrating for specific magazines, some with a worldwide circulation. Sadly as budget cuts everywhere bring down available hours for media efforts, it gets harder and harder to just “go and fly with the boys”. Still, lot’s of unforgettable memories remain – riding trough the Kosovarian night with my friends from the 1st Squadron in their S-70, wearing the mother of all cool nightvision gadgets. Sitting in the open door, chasing a school of dolphins at waveheight aboard a “Dusty Dogs” Sea Hawk off the Truman. Being fried at 50°C plus in the open desert heat while the mighty Su-30 MKI Flankers of the Indian Air Force paid their first visit to Nevada. The times are over but the images remain.

As is only natural, I’ve changed myself a lot in these ten years. Today a major part of my interest in photography is focused on bringing more fetish-related visions to the screen. I’ve always had a connection to at least “soft” style BDSM in my life, and a certain god-awful three-volume book release in recent years has fueled the public debate… as well as made it more acceptable for women to openly express interest in working within such scenes. I’ve had time to learn bit or two about rope, bondage, styling, materials… and the finer details of what makes a BDSM-themed shot intense both for the model and the viewer. I believe that creating art should be fun, and it’s even more fun to play with people’s fantasies –  how much you can get into someone’s head, sometimes without needing even the tiniest bit of nudeness to show.

Off the camera, my main sparetime interest right now is motorsports, especially racing my bike against friends on the various circuits in driving distance from Vienna. Racing is not so much different from military aviation… a bunch of guys with fast toys trying to out-do each other, but this time I’m in the middle of it and not just a spectator trough the lens. Which doesn’t mean that I can’t already feel the itch to bring the camera-backpack to the racetrack… and start my way into another branch of photography that as of yet is unknown territory to me.

Wherever the light rays may lead me in the future, I’m sure to enjoy chasing them. Hope you as well enjoy the resulting images,