I just love it when an image ends up telling a whole story. In this case I found it actually very hard to decide between color and b/w conversion, so I’m leaving both for you to decide.


Puzzles Part 1 – Christina

These shots were created for an exhibition on a Fetish Event a friend of mine hosted. The images were produced on 40cm x 40cm styrofoam plates, with the idea to have four separate “pieces” per girl that could be arranged in any order. This is part one of three, the other two can be found here and here.

Puzzles1-2 Puzzles1-1
Puzzles1-4 Puzzles1-3


I know the trick with the colored bits in B/W is one of the oldest in the book… makes sense because this is actually the oldest photoset I ever shot with a girl, on my ever digital camera.


Pink-2 Pink-3